Fitness Tracker – August Smart Wristband Bracelet

This is a great fitness tracker for how much it costs. It has pros and cons. I will list what I like about this tracker and what I don’t. 1st off it was pretty easy to set up. You have to download and app on iPhone or android. I have an iPhone and the app is called ‘August fit’ once you download the app you have to set it up. Like register etc. This tracker has a really great look to it. Not too big not too small. Once you get your tracker you have to charge it for couple of hours. Trying to figure out how to plug in the charger to the tracker was kinda difficult for me at first. Now I know to put the charger on from the left side to clip on the the tracker. I tried several times to clip on it from the right side it did not work. Once that was figured out on my part, I put it on. Putting on the tracker was fairly easy you just put it on your wrist to desired tightness.
Pros: very easy to setup, easy to put on and take it off, time and date display is pretty good size. This tracker has a option where incoming calls on your phone can display on it and it also vibrates. It also has text messenge alert (I turned mine off since I get a lot of text messages) it also has a alarm. It tracks how well or how restless you slept. You can wear it for 2 days straight before you have to charge the tracker. It also has how miles you walked and how many calories you burnt.
Cons: it was difficult to figure out which side to clip on the charger but once you do it’s not bad. Once the iPhone is not in the range of the tracker it keeps on vibrating. Which I find it very annoying. If I go downstairs or out in the garage without my phone, tracker will keep vibrating until you press the button on the tracker to make it stop. Also, I feel like the step counting is somewhat slow. As I take the steps the counting doesn’t go as you move. Like the other fitness trackers I had in the past they simultaneously count the steps as you move. This one has a delay. Which makes me think if it’s accurate or not.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. That is the only tracker I use throughout the day. It’s a great tracker for the price you pay. I have tired several other trackers before I am liking this one and I also refuse to pay 100s of dollars on name brand trackers that are out there in the market these days.


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Adoric Digital Kitchen Scale

This Scale is best one I have used so far. It is about 6 and 1/2 inches and about .5 inches wide. It has LCD screen which is really easy to read. I have been using this for several days to measure food like meat, rice, fruits, and veggies. This scale takes 2 AAA batteries which are included. Unit conversion includes: lbs, oz, g, and ml. If you put something on the scale incorrectly it will prompt “ERR” If you are done and want to turn off the scale you just hold the on button for 3 seconds and it will shut off. According to the manufacture box once batteries are low it will prompt low voltage sign. I have use this scale for handful times i have not changed the batteries yet. I like how this scale is stainless steel. I am loving this scale it is pretty accurate. This is my 2nd scale and I like this one better than my 1st one.


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Cooling Towel 2 Pack Made By KAMOTA – 40″x12″ Snap Cooling Towel for Instant Cooling Relief

Ugh! I absolutely hate hot weather. I always wanted to try cooling towels but never thought they really work. I always thought they were just marketing scam. These are amazing cooling towels. What I have been doing is I take cold water and make these towels wet squeeze out the water completely. Then I put it on my neck like a scarf. They make my whole body cool down. These towels stay cold for 3 hours. I get hot easily and running the AC on continuously has not been great since it costs so much. I find that these towel help me stay cool and I do not even turn the AC that much at home. I have only hand washed these towels. I just got little bit of clothes detergent and washed it in tap water. Air dry it and reuse it when I am super hot. I am loving these so far. I have given one to my son who also hates hot weather and also loves to use them on daily basis.

Cooling Towels


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Adoric Wireless Doorbell Kit – 1 Plug-In Receiver & 1 Remote Push Button – Strong Wireless Connection, 36 Beautiful Melodies, CD Quality Bells, LED Flash (White)

I purchased this doorbell just to see if it really works since our old one is making weird noise. I am liking it so far. I like how this doorbell has up or down volume option also has 36 music options. It comes with the batteries. Only problem I had was I could not get the switch to open to put in the battery. It was very difficult to open even with the screwdriver which came with it. Once I basically yanked out the back portion of the switch I was able to put in the battery and the doorbell itself works fine. I am not sure how long the battery will last and if I will have this hard time opening when I have to replace the batteries in the future. This is the only concern I have. So far it is great doorbell and it is perfect for our little house.


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Bestfy Wireless In-Ear Headphones, Bluetooth V4.1 Sports Headsets with Mic, Superb Sound, Noise Cancelling, Comfortably Wear for iPhone, Android, Tablet and Bluetooth-enabled Devices

Great set of headphones. These are bluetooth headphones. very easy to setup. Sound quality is amazing. I like how it came with extra earbud cushion just in case you need it. It also come with the usb charger so you can charge it. I charged mine for about 2 hours before using them. They work absolutely fine. So far I am happy with this purchase. I needed extra headphones for my samsung tablet.


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Merle Roberts Transforming Anti-Aging Magic Cream for fine lines, wrinkles and firming. 1oz.

This is an amazing cream. I needed something since I am getting old. I got this cream and I started using it right away. It’s been few weeks since I have used this product. I already see some good results. My wrinkles around my eye area seem like they are fading away. You do not need a lot of cream to see the results. I only take about a size of a dime every night and apply it/massage all over my face and neck. I have very sensitive skin but with this cream I have no issues or irritations. Smell of this cream is very nice too. It smells like Aloe and flowery smell. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.


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Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Sports Earphones (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I wanted wireless earphones for a long time. I finally got these. It comes with the earphones, USB cable to charge the earphones and extra earbud pieces. Once you get the earphones you have to charge it for at least 8 hours. I charged mine for few hours since I really wanted to use them to see if it was a good buy or not. Instructions were pretty easy to follow. When earphones are charging red light will appear on the right side of the earbud. That is where the volume buttons are and also multi function button to link the earphones. To link the earphone, press the multi function for 3 seconds. Light will alternate between red and blue. Make sure bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Name of the earphone will appear on your phone which is “U8” once you click that your earphones are linked to your phone Once the device is linked light will turn blue.. I loved the volume on these earphones. They seem to cancel out the background noise. Which i found it was amazing. These are really comfortable on your ears and don’t seem to move or fall off the ears. Overall, I give it 5 out 5 stars. Super easy to use and great quality.


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LED Slim Desk Lamp

I needed a light to read at night by my night stand. I used to have the book light that uses batteries and it was just waste of batteries in my opinion. I found this desk lamp and it’s perfect. It has a USB port to charge and you can take it anywhere with you. I like how sturdy and great material this is. It has 2 light options one is bright and other is less bright. So far I’m loving it way better than the regular book lights. I give this 5 out 5 stars.


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Sunnest 12-Pack Solar-Powered Led Pathway Lights, Outdoor Garden Lights

We have been looking to buy solar lights for our little patio. There are sooo many to choose from in the market. I wanted something not too big something not too small. These ones are perfect. I love how they were so easy to install. First, you put in the base of the light which is black then make sure you open top of the light to turn on the on/off switch. Solar lights will work automatically once it is night time. They look amazing in my patio. I give it 5 out 5 stars.

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Kids Lunch Bag S2: InsigniaX Insulated Lunch Bag

Great reusable lunch bag. I wanted something environmental friendly and this is the perfect lunch bag for kids, or for adults. This bag is insulated which is great for keeping cold food cold or hot food hot for several hours. Size on this bag is as follows:  Size H: 10″ x W: 5.3″ x L: 7.4″ Perfect bag for everyday use for lunch or take it to your work. It is easy to clean. I just washed it with soap water and rinsed it with warm water and let it air dry. I give this 5 out of 5 stars.


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Turmeric Pills

These Turmeric pills are amazing. My bones hurt a lot so my parents told me to get turmeric pills. I feel much energized the next day when I have taken these pills the day before.  I usually hate taking gigantic pills but these are not bad since these are capsules. Easy to swallow.  These are good for heart and lowering cholesterol. Ill probably be taking these pills for awhile. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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Resource for Cooking Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener (Kitchen)

I have had my manual can opener for past 13 years. This new one was needed. I got it from It came super fast. I usually hate opening cans but this one is amazing. Opens without any frustration. Easy to use and easy to clean. Just wash it with soap and rinse with water. Just remember to keep it all the way open to prevent rust on the little blades and let it air dry. My last one had rust since I didn’t keep it open to let it air dry. Or wipe it with a clean towel to prevent rust.

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Digital Thermometer

This is my 2nd one I purchased. My mom wanted the same digital food thermometer as the one I have for myself. it is a very good quality product, and great price. It has on & off button. It will shut off by itself after 5 minutes. You can use it for meat or liquid like milk or water. We make yogurt at home and this is the best therometer to check the temp of the milk

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Toothpaste Squeezing device

I had ordered toothpaste squeezing device in mid July. I finally got it today. I gave it 2 out 5 stars.  Here is why: When I opened the box it had no English instructions. Which is fine, I tried my best to just figure it out at best of my knowledge. I opened the toothpaste cap and the squeezing device to try to put it on. After few tries I finally figured it out. You have to squeeze the toothpaste several times for the toothpaste to come out of the device. It was pretty hard for me. Finally, when the toothpaste was out it came out too much. I tried again. Next try, it just got all over the device itself. I got this so my kids don’t waste too much toothpaste, but after just me trying to figure this out I don’t think it was a good idea to purchase this. I like the adhesive it’s pretty strong and still on the mirror in my bathroom. Overall, I don’t think this was a great buy.

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How it began.

I love sharing my experiences with various products I purchase online.  I usually buy products and share my opinion with my family and friends. I usually purchase products on  People started to like my reviews on Amazon, and thought they were helpful. This is when I realized that I should start my own blog and share my honest opinion with everyone. I am a super busy stay at home mom of 3 wonderful kids. Online shopping is big part of my life since I don’t have to spend so much time at the stores with kids who hate shopping. On this blog you will find reviews on items I purchase with honest opinion.