Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Sports Earphones (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I wanted wireless earphones for a long time. I finally got these. It comes with the earphones, USB cable to charge the earphones and extra earbud pieces. Once you get the earphones you have to charge it for at least 8 hours. I charged mine for few hours since I really wanted to use them to see if it was a good buy or not. Instructions were pretty easy to follow. When earphones are charging red light will appear on the right side of the earbud. That is where the volume buttons are and also multi function button to link the earphones. To link the earphone, press the multi function for 3 seconds. Light will alternate between red and blue. Make sure bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Name of the earphone will appear on your phone which is “U8” once you click that your earphones are linked to your phone Once the device is linked light will turn blue.. I loved the volume on these earphones. They seem to cancel out the background noise. Which i found it was amazing. These are really comfortable on your ears and don’t seem to move or fall off the ears. Overall, I give it 5 out 5 stars. Super easy to use and great quality.


You can find this by following the link to Amazon


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