Cooling Towel 2 Pack Made By KAMOTA – 40″x12″ Snap Cooling Towel for Instant Cooling Relief

Ugh! I absolutely hate hot weather. I always wanted to try cooling towels but never thought they really work. I always thought they were just marketing scam. These are amazing cooling towels. What I have been doing is I take cold water and make these towels wet squeeze out the water completely. Then I put it on my neck like a scarf. They make my whole body cool down. These towels stay cold for 3 hours. I get hot easily and running the AC on continuously has not been great since it costs so much. I find that these towel help me stay cool and I do not even turn the AC that much at home. I have only hand washed these towels. I just got little bit of clothes detergent and washed it in tap water. Air dry it and reuse it when I am super hot. I am loving these so far. I have given one to my son who also hates hot weather and also loves to use them on daily basis.

Cooling Towels


You can find this product by following the link to Amazon


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