Fitness Tracker – August Smart Wristband Bracelet

This is a great fitness tracker for how much it costs. It has pros and cons. I will list what I like about this tracker and what I don’t. 1st off it was pretty easy to set up. You have to download and app on iPhone or android. I have an iPhone and the app is called ‘August fit’ once you download the app you have to set it up. Like register etc. This tracker has a really great look to it. Not too big not too small. Once you get your tracker you have to charge it for couple of hours. Trying to figure out how to plug in the charger to the tracker was kinda difficult for me at first. Now I know to put the charger on from the left side to clip on the the tracker. I tried several times to clip on it from the right side it did not work. Once that was figured out on my part, I put it on. Putting on the tracker was fairly easy you just put it on your wrist to desired tightness.
Pros: very easy to setup, easy to put on and take it off, time and date display is pretty good size. This tracker has a option where incoming calls on your phone can display on it and it also vibrates. It also has text messenge alert (I turned mine off since I get a lot of text messages) it also has a alarm. It tracks how well or how restless you slept. You can wear it for 2 days straight before you have to charge the tracker. It also has how miles you walked and how many calories you burnt.
Cons: it was difficult to figure out which side to clip on the charger but once you do it’s not bad. Once the iPhone is not in the range of the tracker it keeps on vibrating. Which I find it very annoying. If I go downstairs or out in the garage without my phone, tracker will keep vibrating until you press the button on the tracker to make it stop. Also, I feel like the step counting is somewhat slow. As I take the steps the counting doesn’t go as you move. Like the other fitness trackers I had in the past they simultaneously count the steps as you move. This one has a delay. Which makes me think if it’s accurate or not.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. That is the only tracker I use throughout the day. It’s a great tracker for the price you pay. I have tired several other trackers before I am liking this one and I also refuse to pay 100s of dollars on name brand trackers that are out there in the market these days.


You can find this product by following the link to Amazon


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