Animal Shaped Silicone Mold Soap Ice Cake Mould Chocolate Candy Fondant Bakeware Decorating Tool

The reason why I am giving it a one star is because it didn’t work for my project. I have kids who break crayons all the time. I have whole bunch of broken crayons and I hate wasting anything. I was looking for ways to recycle the broken crayons for kids to use and love them. I decided to buy these molds so I can break these crayons into smaller pieces and put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees till they are melted and let it cool and then kids can have animal shaped crayons. But these animals were small and super fragile. My kids made even more mess since they kept breaking and falling apart. I am not cake baker I hate baking I didn’t use these molds for any fondant making etc. I just needed some fun way to recycle old crayons but these molds didn’t work for me and .now I have no use for these molds. I still have bizillion crayons that are broken. :-/ 1 out 5 stars.

You can find this product by following the link to Amazon


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