New iPad 9.7-Inch (2017)/ iPad Pro 9.7/ iPad Air 2/ iPad Air Screen Protector, Nimaso Tempered Glass Tablet Screen Protector

I needed a protector for my iPad since I let my 4 year old use my iPad and she dropped it and shattered the whole screen. Ugh! It costs so much to get the whole thing replaced. I finally did get it replaced I was scared this will happen again so to prevent this from happening I got the protector. I usually hate putting on the screen proctector since I could never get it right the 1st time. I watched a lot of youtube videos before to see the proper way of doing it. These instructions that came with it were pretty simple. I followed what it told me to do step by step and it was pretty easy. Make sure your hands are clean before doing this. Also, make sure no kids are around to distract you while you are doing this. I did this at night time when my kids went to bed. If you screw up once you are pretty much done. Make sure to clean the device there should be no dust particals on there. I used a microfiber cloth to wipe my device. It also came with a dust absorber. Which definitely helps. You have to peel off the protector film from the glass screen and gently place it on your iPad and use the provided bubble eliminator to get rid of all the bubbles. It takes few minutes for you to get rid of all the bubbles. You have to take your time to do this and also without any distractions. This came with a little cloth case to put in your iPad I use that to put in my iPad before placing the iPad in my purse or backpack. Overall, I am happy with this purchase i wish I would have gotten this before I had to waste a lot of money to replace my scattered screen on my iPad. I would have saved a lot of money. But oh well lesson learned. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


You can find this product by following the link to Amazon


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