Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wireless In-Car Radio Adapter Car Kit Hands Free Calling W 3 USB Ports Support Micro SD/TF Card USB Flash Driver and AUX Input

I have an older car where it does not have the built-in Bluetooth. My kids love listening to songs via Amazon music. Prior to the purchase they were listening to the song on my phone. I ended up purchasing this Bluetooth fm transmitter. Not knowing if it will really work or not. When I got it put it on my car charging area in my car. I’m so glad it fits under the radio of my car charging port. Then I searched for the vacant fm radio station. After searching and searching I finally found it. It’s 91.5 in Southern California. This transmitter is super easy to use. Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is on. You search for the new device on your phone. The transmitter comes up you pair it and it was that easy! Once it’s paired turn on the vacant fm station 91.5 and start playing the music. Sound quality is amazing. Also, the music will stop playing if the phone rings. Phone rings it’s handsfree, so you can drive and talk. Make sure to drive safely while talking. Now my kids are happy they can listen to the music loudly in the car, this way no one has to fight over who gets to hold the phone or can’t hear since it’s via Bluetooth and it plays it In the car. By far one of the best inventions ever. Overall, I’m super happy about this purchase. Sound quality is awesome and it was super easy to set up and very easy to use. I recommend this product to anyone who has an older car and wants to listen to the music via Bluetooth/amazon music and wants handsfree drive. 5 out of 5 stars.


You can find this product by following the link to Amazon


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