Brain Flakes, Searik Building Blocks Creative and Educational Toys 500 Piece Snowflake Interlocking Plastic Building Discs Set, Great STEM Toy for Both Boys and Girls, with Storage Bag

These are by far the BEST toy ever! I have a 9, 5 and 3 year old who loves playing with these brain flakes building toys for hours and hours. Super fun. I even sometimes sit and make stuff from it. It’s very therapeutic. It’s fun for all ages. My kids try to make stuff from the given instructions but most of the time they build their own creation. In my opinion it’s the best since they are using their imagination and using their brain to create something unique. I love how it has so many different colors and so many pieces. 3 or more kids can easily play without fighting over pieces. Overall, I’m sooooo happy with this purchase. My kids love it and I love it. Sometimes you just gotta sit and play with kids and build something totally unique and different. Anything that keeps my kids away from the devices or in front of the tv I’m all for it. I recommend this to anyone who’s has kids and what to have them create something fun and new. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.



You can find this product by following this link to Amazon


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