Hair Care Rollers Hair Curlers Silicone No Clip Hair Style Rollers Soft Magic DIY Curling Hairstyle Tools Hair Accessories Pink 30 PCS

I have used so many curlers in my life. These are by far one of the best. There are 30 curlers. Two different sizes. (See pictures for measurements) big and small. I used both of them and both are great and easy to use. I damped my daughter’s hair then combed her hair. I started to put the curlers on since she has thick hair I used quiet few of them on her hair. I let these curlers stay in her hair for about 15 mins (I should have left it on for longer time). After 15 minutes I blow dry her hair on low for about 2 mins. When you take it off just be gentle and not to pull it out. Take it out slowly. She wanted long beachy waves. These curlers did exactly that. These are super easy to use and really loved it. Overall, I am happy with the purchase. We will be using these almost everyday. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.



You can find this product by following this link to Amazon


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