Phone Holder | Cell Phone Stand Mount | iPhone Car Holder | Rubber Pad sticker Amazing Nano Rubber Pad Sticky Gel Pad for Phone Multi-Function Phone Holder (2PC/set Black) (Black-Rectangle)

Good concept but not great execution. It did not work for me at all. I tried literally everything before giving it one out of five stars. I have purchased many car mounts/phone carriers for car this one is by far one of the worst choices I have made. Phone doesn’t stick. I did it just like it show in the picture on the sellers page. I put it in the steering wheel. It did not work. It would stay on for literally 3 seconds before it falls right off. When you are driving and phone falls it makes it difficult and dangerous for you to reach and get the phone. I even tried to put this on the dashboard. Still no luck. I washed it like it recommends by the manufacture, the stickiness is almost gone. Even though I didn’t scrub it or anything. Overall, I’m not happy with this purchase nor i recommend this product to anyone. I give this product 1 out of 5 stars.



You can find this product by following this link to Amazon


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