Wilker Brightest Lumens Professional LED Tactical Flashlight CREE XML T6 with Adjustable 5 Light Mode and Zoom-able Focus (2 pack)

EXCELLENT flashlights. I have never owned such bright and great quality flashlights before. These are amazing. I’m truly obsessed with how bright these are and great quality. I bought these because I am preparing for natural disaster. Living in Southern California you never know when we might get a big one. I have these in a safe place so I know where to grab these just In case we need these. These take 3 AAA batteries. You have to unscrew the bottom of the flashlight to get the battery to put in. You have to look inside of where the batteries go in to see which way to put in the batteries + or – up or down (see pic 7). Overall, I’m really happy for this purchase. These two flashlights come in a handy dandy green case to keep them in safe place when you need them. I recommend these to anyone who wants to prepare for a disaster or just to have at home just if power ever goes out or take it on a camping trip or hike. These are very durable high quality flashlights that are super bright. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

You can find this product by following this link to Amazon



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