Taotuo Universal Wireless Bluetooth Camera Remote Control Self-Timer Zoomable Focus Selfie Shutter Kit for iOS and Android Smartphones

Pretty good to have when you constantly have blurry selfies. I got this because I suck at taking selfies they are blurry all the time cuz when I reach to take the picture by pressing the button on my phone it moves. This gadget is perfect to avoid that problem. I was super excited to get this product. It has pros and cons and I’ll mention all It’s small, super easy to use. It comes with 2 batteries. One is already inside the gadget one is extra. (Which is pretty cool! ) Turn the “ on” button on this gadget. Go on your phone and make sure Bluetooth is on. Pair it with this shutter. Name is “ shutter camera” from here you can just open your camera on your phone and take pictures that way by pressing the middle button on this Bluetooth camera gadget. Or download the app called “ bt shutter pro” I downloaded the app.  I noticed that it made my phone work super slow and app kept crashing. I couldn’t take the video. Pictures worked just fine. I like how this app has filters you can add which is pretty fun. Also, when you have this app on and when you get a text message the keyboard will not appear which I find very weird. You have to turn off the gadget for the keyboard to appear on your text message.I like this gadget to take pictures but I’m just not sure about the app. I had the app for awhile but I ended up deleting it since it kept crashing. You can take pictures only without the app. Which I’m fine with it. I’ll be using this gadget without the app. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase no more blurry selfies. 4 out of 5 stars.


You can find this product by following this link to Amazon


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