Callus Shaver Foot File Salon Quality Stainless Steel for Thick Feet. Perfect for Men and Women Busy Feet by Zone – 365


I wanted this because I have the worst dry feet ever. This has been great to remove all the dead skin. I have tried all kinds of foot filer this one is by far one of the best ones in the market. My first reaction to this is huge compared to the ones I have in the past. This foot filer is 10 inches by 2.5 inches. It almost looks like a cheese grater. It fits perfectly in my big hand. It has a soft grip handle. The blade on this product is replaceable. You can purchase the blade on Amazon.  I wanted this product to get rid of my dry dead skin and it did just that. My feet have never felt this smooth and soft before. I had no idea that I had that much dryness until I used this filer. I like everything about this product since it does what it supposed to do. This product is perfect for anyone who has dry feet like mine. You can use this product in the shower or on dry feet. I prefer soaking my feet in Epsom salt for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then I put foot lotion on my feet then I use this filer to scrap off the dead skin. It has double grater holes for faster callus removal.  Overall, I am very happy with this product my feet have never felt this soft before. I recommend this to anyone who as the same issue as mine.


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Dual Magnetic Half Size False Eyelashes Set (4 pieces) – Handmade 3D Fake Magnetic Lashes Extension – Best Reusable and Easy to Apply Ultra Thin Dual Magnet System – Soft, Comfortable, Natural Look

I really wanted to try magnetic eyelashes, because I am too scared that I would glue my eyes shut with the glue on eyelashes. I had some skepticism about these magnetic eyelashes. These came with no instructions. They come in a case of 4 lashes which you need 2 per eyes. Bottom part of the lash has red marks to place it under your top eyelash. It took forever for me to learn how to put it on. After watching several YouTube videos, I was able to finally get it on but not close to my own eyelashes. You have to get the top eyelash on your eye then take a tweezers to hold the bottom part of the eyelash to put it on. These are easy to take off all you have to do is to hold the eyelashes and slide them off. These lashes are half size for corner of your eyes only. Overall, it seemed like a great product but its not for me. They didn’t stay on nor felt comfortable. I will just stick to mascara for now. I give this product 3 out of 5 stars.

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Nourishing Day Face Oil Serum 100% Pure & Organic Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin C Anti-aging with Moisturizer Hydrating Marula, Jojoba, Rosehip. For Radiant Youthful Skin 100% by Laila London


This product is an organic facial oil serum, it supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I wanted to get a facial oil for my super dry skin. My skin gets very dry in winter season. This product was easy to use since it came with the dropper. It made my skin hydrate and made my skin glow after few times using. I wear this 3x per day. I love how it smells. Fragrance is like a fresh cut flowers. It has a blend of rose, rose geranium, lavender scent. This product contains vitamin C, and oils from Marula, jojoba, sunflower, rose-hip, apricot, fruit oil, chamomile, lemon and natural plant extracts. This is a 30ml-1oz bottle. This product is made in UK. According to the instructions use the dropper provided take 2-3 drops and massage it to your skin. It can be used on your hair. Which i have yet to try. I have used this product on my face and on my legs since I tend to get dry in those areas. I have also used couple of drops mixed in with my foundation. I love the dewy/glowy look. This product is supposed to reduce fine lines and dark spots which i have yet to see improvements on my skin. Although, it did hydrate my skin and make it radiant. I have used this product for past 8 days and I will be using it until i run out of this and buy another bottle. I have a very sensitive skin and it has not given me any troubles on my skin like redness or breakouts. Overall, I give this product 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this product who is looking to hydrate their skin. This facial oil smells like fresh cut flowers. Cost of this product is great too compared to high end products.

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Facial oil


Sviuse Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Floral Print With Button. High Split Loose T-Shirt Midi Dress


This dress is very comfortable long sleeves dress. You can wear it during the day or in the evening. Perfect to wear in this colder morning and evening weather. This dress goes below my knees. I usually wear size large in US size. I am 5’7 weight about 157. I got large and this fits perfectly. This dress is split on the bottom with blue buttons.  It also comes with a faux leather belt. This dress is nice quality even after one wash. I purchased this product because in the picture on seller’s page dress caught my attention. It looked very pretty and those are one of my favorite colors. (brown and blue) When I first held the dress I thought it was beautiful. It is perfect to wear in this weather since it is long sleeves. You will not need a jacket to wear. I think one of the problems i will face wearing this dress is maybe it will get sweaty since the material is polyester and spandex and i get very hot in this material. But in all I think you can wear it once for couple of hours and if it starts to smell you can wash it. Even after a wash this dress has not lost it’s color and has not shrank. I have gotten many compliments when I wore this dress. This dress is very modest dress which is one of the reasons i bought this dress.  Overall, I give this dress 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this to anyone who wants to buy comfortable yet elegant dress for a great price.

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Women Double V-neck Elegant Long Cocktail Wedding Party Evening Dress by Noctflos

I got this because this dress looked pretty good in the pictures. I am 5’7 weight about 157lbs. I usually wear size large but I ended up getting size XL because I always get one size larger when I order stuff online. XL fits perfectly. It touches all the way to my ankle. I love it. It’s a lace dress with lining. I don’t think it’s see through. I usually dress pretty modestly so I will be wearing a jacket or sweater over it. It looks just beautiful even in person as it does in the pictures. Color is exactly the same as shown in the seller’s page. It’s not lighter color or darker. I recommend this to anyone who wants to dress up or down by wearing a jeans jacket over it. Price is pretty good, customer service is excellent. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase I will be purchasing more from this seller.

My dress


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