Sviuse Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Floral Print With Button. High Split Loose T-Shirt Midi Dress


This dress is very comfortable long sleeves dress. You can wear it during the day or in the evening. Perfect to wear in this colder morning and evening weather. This dress goes below my knees. I usually wear size large in US size. I am 5’7 weight about 157. I got large and this fits perfectly. This dress is split on the bottom with blue buttons.  It also comes with a faux leather belt. This dress is nice quality even after one wash. I purchased this product because in the picture on seller’s page dress caught my attention. It looked very pretty and those are one of my favorite colors. (brown and blue) When I first held the dress I thought it was beautiful. It is perfect to wear in this weather since it is long sleeves. You will not need a jacket to wear. I think one of the problems i will face wearing this dress is maybe it will get sweaty since the material is polyester and spandex and i get very hot in this material. But in all I think you can wear it once for couple of hours and if it starts to smell you can wash it. Even after a wash this dress has not lost it’s color and has not shrank. I have gotten many compliments when I wore this dress. This dress is very modest dress which is one of the reasons i bought this dress.  Overall, I give this dress 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this to anyone who wants to buy comfortable yet elegant dress for a great price.

You can find this dress by following this link to Amazon




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