BRITOR foot peel mask, Exfoliating Dead Skin Remover– 2 pair


I really needed something for my feet and I’m glad I bought the Britor foot peel mask. My feet are very dry and ugly. I am obsessed with all types of masks, so I was excited to try one for my feet as I have never tried one before. I have seen people use foot mask on YouTube videos and I always wanted to try it.

They come with easy to follow instructions. However, it takes 10 days for these to work to the full effect, so you have to plan ahead. You put these on and they come with tape to keep them secure. It says to leave them on for 60-80 minutes. I left mine on for 60 mins exactly played board games with my kids and watched tv. Sitting down is recommended since the plastic is on your feet you do not want to slip and fall.   They felt good and when I put it on it felt like there was a cooling sensation on my feet. That felt good on my feet. The smell was also pleasant. When I took them off, by washing my feet with cold water. My feet felt soft and I did not expect anything from it. You are supposed to soak your feet for 10 mins every day until you see the skin come off.

After 5 days and soaking my feet every day, I noticed my skin completely come off. My kids were found it funny and said my feet look like snake. You are not supposed to peel off your skin, but I really enjoyed peeling mine off. It is almost like peeling dried glue from my hands as I did when I was a child. After all the skin came off my feet are soft as a baby’s butt. Feels really nice to have nice soft feet. Ever since I used this foot mask my feet do not hurt as much as it did before. I recommend this to anyone who has dry and feels like they have ugly feet. Feet feel soft and great after using this product. I cannot wait till I use this foot mask again.

Here are some of the other product info according to the seller:

Do You Want to Get Baby Soft Feet?
BRITOR Foot Peel Mask is Designed Specifically to Remove Hardened Skin and Dead Cells from Your Feet. It’s Effective Effortless and Very Simple to Use.

Before using
– Read directions and follow them carefully.
– Product should be used immediately after opening plastic booties.
– Do not re-use plastic booties.

When using this product
– Britor recommends staying seated during treatment for your safety.
– Keep the gel away from eyes.
– If you experience any rash, itching, redness, swelling, irritation or inflammation, wash your feet and see a doctor.

After using
– If the skin on your feet become too dry, a small smount of moisturizer can be applied.
-Do not forcibly remove the dead skin from your feet, let them peel natural.


1. After 4-7 days, the stimulated layers will gradually start to fall off. We recommend that you soak your feet in warm water to help dead skin exfoliate.
2. About 1-2 weeks later, the stimulated layers will all fall off, leaving baby-like smooth and tender feet. Newborn skin is tender, good care and nourishment is needed.
3.Initial use is every 3-4 weeks. Then use it regularly according to the speed of individual keratin proliferation.
4. Results may vary individually.


– For external use only.
– Do not use the product, if you are pregnant or nursing.
– Do not use on sunburnt or scratched skin.
– Do not use on hyper-sensitive skin.
– Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Store in a cool place.



 You can find this product by clicking on this link to AmazonFoot peel mask




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