Sunnest 12-Pack Solar-Powered Led Pathway Lights, Outdoor Garden Lights

We have been looking to buy solar lights for our little patio. There are sooo many to choose from in the market. I wanted something not too big something not too small. These ones are perfect. I love how they were so easy to install. First, you put in the base of the light which is black then make sure you open top of the light to turn on the on/off switch. Solar lights will work automatically once it is night time. They look amazing in my patio. I give it 5 out 5 stars.

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Kids Lunch Bag S2: InsigniaX Insulated Lunch Bag

Great reusable lunch bag. I wanted something environmental friendly and this is the perfect lunch bag for kids, or for adults. This bag is insulated which is great for keeping cold food cold or hot food hot for several hours. Size on this bag is as follows:  Size H: 10″ x W: 5.3″ x L: 7.4″ Perfect bag for everyday use for lunch or take it to your work. It is easy to clean. I just washed it with soap water and rinsed it with warm water and let it air dry. I give this 5 out of 5 stars.


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Turmeric Pills

These Turmeric pills are amazing. My bones hurt a lot so my parents told me to get turmeric pills. I feel much energized the next day when I have taken these pills the day before.  I usually hate taking gigantic pills but these are not bad since these are capsules. Easy to swallow.  These are good for heart and lowering cholesterol. Ill probably be taking these pills for awhile. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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Resource for Cooking Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener (Kitchen)

I have had my manual can opener for past 13 years. This new one was needed. I got it from It came super fast. I usually hate opening cans but this one is amazing. Opens without any frustration. Easy to use and easy to clean. Just wash it with soap and rinse with water. Just remember to keep it all the way open to prevent rust on the little blades and let it air dry. My last one had rust since I didn’t keep it open to let it air dry. Or wipe it with a clean towel to prevent rust.

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Digital Thermometer

This is my 2nd one I purchased. My mom wanted the same digital food thermometer as the one I have for myself. it is a very good quality product, and great price. It has on & off button. It will shut off by itself after 5 minutes. You can use it for meat or liquid like milk or water. We make yogurt at home and this is the best therometer to check the temp of the milk

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Toothpaste Squeezing device

I had ordered toothpaste squeezing device in mid July. I finally got it today. I gave it 2 out 5 stars.  Here is why: When I opened the box it had no English instructions. Which is fine, I tried my best to just figure it out at best of my knowledge. I opened the toothpaste cap and the squeezing device to try to put it on. After few tries I finally figured it out. You have to squeeze the toothpaste several times for the toothpaste to come out of the device. It was pretty hard for me. Finally, when the toothpaste was out it came out too much. I tried again. Next try, it just got all over the device itself. I got this so my kids don’t waste too much toothpaste, but after just me trying to figure this out I don’t think it was a good idea to purchase this. I like the adhesive it’s pretty strong and still on the mirror in my bathroom. Overall, I don’t think this was a great buy.

You can find this product on amazon by following this link to Amazon


How it began.

I love sharing my experiences with various products I purchase online.  I usually buy products and share my opinion with my family and friends. I usually purchase products on  People started to like my reviews on Amazon, and thought they were helpful. This is when I realized that I should start my own blog and share my honest opinion with everyone. I am a super busy stay at home mom of 3 wonderful kids. Online shopping is big part of my life since I don’t have to spend so much time at the stores with kids who hate shopping. On this blog you will find reviews on items I purchase with honest opinion.